21122012 12212012 122112 21 december 2012, the end of the world

Before December 21, 2012 (122112)


You arrived on this page to obtain information on this fateful date of December 21, 2012, here a summary of the foreseeable events, in the actual position of the scientific knowledge :

- Asteroids, perhaps even a new planet hidden for the moment in the orbit of the Earth, will come to strike our planet there this day.

- Trinary System : The binary system coming to a end (example: dvd blue-ray) the trinary system will be brought by the extraterrestrial one and will come to revolutionize and update all our scientific knowledge and mathematics acquired until today.

- An excessive activity of the Sun will destroy all our communication systems (that will not occur that the 21 12 2012, but will start before)

- The Venus planet will forward for the last time during this century in our sky.

- There will be many natural disaster, storms, floods, earthquakes and super volcano (that will not occur that the 21 12 2012, but will start before)

- There will be many wars (that will not occur that the 21 12 2012, but will start before)

- The Earth will change axis.

- The thirteen Maya crystal craniums (manufactured at the XIXème century) we will deliver a message on December 21, 2012 if they all are joined together.

- The magnetic fields terrestrial will be reversed.

- The extra terrestrial ones will go down on Earth and will carry the best among us (finally a good news)

- Earth will leave its orbit and drifting in the universe for 26,000 years (unlikely).

- Following the financial crisis, money will have more value and exchanges will be with shells, it is preferable to stocks of shellfish now.


How can one be on all that is true ?

- The Maya prophesied events for the ground on this date which corresponds at the end of their calendar.

- Many crop circle (drawings makes in fields cultivated by extra jokers terrestrial) is messages of alarms.

- Nostradamus speaks about it in its prophecies.

- The bible also announces the end of the world.

- Many religions speak about this event.





If I were you, I would cancel as of now all my go (hairdresser, dentist, mechanic, etc) for this cursed day which will be on December 21, 2012, I will take a subscription with CNN (or any other chain of information) to follow on line in your bed (if you can, make you deliver ten pizza pie because the day will be long) all these palpitating adventures which will shake the world.


Note hope for the survivors of the end of the world of the year 2000


The people who survived at the end of the world of year 2000 have 95% of chance moreover than the others to survive at the end of the world of December 2012. (These figures are not official)




Stop believing all that one says to you!!! To take a subscription with CNN will not be useful to you with nothing since the communication systems will not function any more. You are really despairing.

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